Top 10 Features of a Luxury Living Room

What does luxurious living mean? It means going above and beyond the standard of “normal” living. It exudes comfort, softness, and silkiness. It excites every sense, from smell to touch. It creates a sense "om" where you feel both at peace and joyful.

The one place in your home that should have that luxurious feel about it is the place you spend so much of your time – the living room. Living rooms are meant to be lived in, so why not incorporate luxury home furniture in your space? When you do, you'll never want to leave the room again, and that's the way it should be. Here are the top 10 features of a luxury living room that will make you and your guests feel like sinking into the cushions and relaxing all day long.

10 Features of Luxurious Living Rooms

Of course, not every living room must possess all of these ten features, but the more you have the more luxurious your living room will feel. Coming home will be exciting and leaving home will be a dread. Hosting parties will be fun, and quiet Sunday afternoons will be enticing.

luxury living room sofa

1. Luxurious Rug

All luxury living rooms need a rug. This rug is one that your feet melt into, one that you can get lost in. But remember, we aren't only aiming for the benefit of touch, but for sight as well. The rug should not only match the atmosphere of the room, but also enhance it. Aesthetically appealing rugs can really add to the luxurious feel of the room.

2. Couch / Sofa Set

The couch or sofa set is always central to luxurious living rooms, so no doubt it is one of our top picks. However, the couch and sofa cannot be just any couch and sofa. The material must be plush. Whether the exterior is quality leather or smooth fabric, it’s the foam inside the couch that will really make the difference. Cheaper couches tend to either be hard or too soft and lack support. Your couch must be just right – the cushions allow you to sink in yet sit properly.

3. Prominent Pillows

Pillows add a lot of style to a room. They can tone it down or spruce it up. They are also a convenient way to change the tone from season to season. But apart from their aesthetic capability, pillows also serve a particular function. Your luxurious living room should be one where you can sneak in a nap if you want to or comfortably sit and read a book. Pillows aid in this endeavor and can turn an afternoon into the kind of indulgence fit for royalty.

luxury living rooms

4. Throw Blanket

The throw blanket is important. Again we are talking all senses, so aesthetics is one while touch is another. The throw must be a quality material and design, it must enhance the room, and it must be good enough to be something akin to art as well as feeling indulgent against your skin when you want to cozy up with that book or nap.

5. Luxury Ottoman

The ottoman is another item that every luxury living room must have. It should be aesthetically appealing and match the decor, yet should also be suitable for its intended purpose: feet. Prop up your feet on something soft and just the right height. Depending on the size and material, consider centering a serving dish with decorative, aromatic candles to give it some sparkle when not being used for your feet.

luxurious living room chaise lounge

6. Chaise Lounge

Sit back and relax in comfort. The chaise lounge is not something you see in every living room unless it's a luxurious living room. They look cool and feel cozy. Tuck it away in a corner for privacy or place it near the center of the room as a focal piece. As long as you have one to relax in, live in, read in, nap in, meditate in, or whatever-you-want in, that is the epitome of luxury.

7. Side Table

The side table is often found in living rooms because it adds function to the space. But in the case of luxury living rooms, we want a side table that accomplishes more than its expected functionality. The right feature piece can be talked about for its unique design, culture, or other identity that it brings to the room.

8. Featured Painting

We are all about the senses, which is why aesthetics plays a big role in luxury living. The featured painting, therefore, is a must-have. It speaks to who you are and enhances the vibe of the room. The painting can calm you, excite you, and release you from anything holding you back. It can be something personal, professional, or representative of your family.

living room with painting

9. Lighting

The lighting in your luxury living room is quite important whether it’s a floor lamp or a table lamp. Dimming capabilities are often a must. You may even choose a chandelier as a focus point. Whatever your source of lighting, it should enhance the room, provide soothing light, and please the eye. It can be dramatic or subtle.

10. Specific Scents

Luxury living requires a consistently pleasant experience for your olfactory senses. Regardless of how beautiful it is, no one wants to walk into a living room that smells musty. Pick the candles you like and add them as accents around the room or in a single location. Lit candles always add an air of luxury, but the scent can be the key to unleashing it. So, live luxuriously by enticing your senses.

Designing a Luxury Living Room

You can live luxuriously by utilizing the above living room features to invigorate your senses and enhance one of the most standard living spaces in any home. However, the key to a luxurious living room is ultimately about you. What does luxury living mean to you? It is subjective to a certain extent. So, figure out the details of what you like, what would make you happy, and what would engage your senses, then let the luxury of it all encompass your living room. If you need some help, seek the expertise of a luxury interior designer.