5 Tips for At-Home Outdoor Entertaining

Summer is on the horizon, and with it comes the promise of warmer weather and the joy of summer parties with friends and family. If you’re looking forward to hosting your own summer parties this year, you should know that there is a lot that goes into planning an ideal outdoor event. Whether you’re hosting a huge neighborhood party or a small gathering with a few friends or family, you can use the following outdoor entertaining tips to host your party like a pro.

Outdoor Entertaining Tips for Summer Parties

1. Prepare Your Yard

Give your yard a makeover by revitalizing the flower beds, picking up any trash that’s wandered in, and ridding your deck, patio, and pathways of stray weeds, leaves, and twigs. While this could be arduous and time-consuming, once you are done, you’ll be able to focus on other enjoyable activities.

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Nothing makes your yard stand out like well-planted and pruned flowers, shrubs, and trees. Once you are done with the above, it’s time to prepare the entertaining area. Most people find it best to install luxury patios during the spring as they are ideal entertaining areas. You can add string lights to the trees to create a festive feeling and add some warmth to your backyard. Be creative. If you need some assistance, consult one of the top interior designers in your area and do not be afraid to go out of the norm.

2. Create a Multifunctional Space

Create a designated space where you can prepare and cook meals while also being part of the fun by installing a fully equipped outdoor kitchen with counter space, barbecue, and storage on a veranda or under a canopy. Some people opt to have a sink installed in their outdoor kitchen so it is fully functional and easy to clean up once the party is over.

Arranging a sitting area around a fire pit or fireplace encourages your guests to relax and linger for some time. The relaxed summer atmosphere allows you to play around with different designs to create a charming, mismatched look. If your outdoor chairs cannot accommodate all of your guests, consider using your indoor furniture as a temporary solution, provided they are not too fragile or heavy. Use poufs and ottomans to create additional seating areas.

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3. Keep the Bugs Away

While everyone seems to love outdoor entertaining during the summer, mosquitos and other bugs may tempt you to move the party indoors. Essential oils such as eucalyptus and citronella are good at keeping pesky bugs away. Add some ambiance to your outdoor party by placing scented candles with these essential oils around the space. You can also burn sage on the fireplace to keep mosquitoes away.

If you are serving food outdoors, utilize buffet covers for all dishes when no one is serving themselves. Cupcake liners can also be used to fend off flying bugs from guests’ drinks.

One other option is to provide handheld fans for your guests. In addition to keeping unwanted insects away, they can also use them to keep themselves cool. Consider finding fans that match the overall theme of your outdoor space or gathering.

4. Have a Weather-Proof Backup Plan

Whether the party happens to be on the hottest day of the summer or the rainiest, make a backup plan incase the weather takes a sudden turn. Throw blankets, scarves, and beach towels placed on your seats not only act as decorative items, but can also double up as cover-ups should it get chilly.

luxury patio furniture throw blankets

In place of stemmed glasses which could topple when it gets windy, use tumblers. Turn them upside down before you serve the drinks to prevent them from collecting dust. Use tablecloth weights to keep your table runners fastened. Serve cold drinks and, most importantly, water to keep your guests hydrated. Install several garden umbrellas where guests can hurdle together should there be light showers.

5. Prepare the Grill

Depending on where you live and whether or not you spend the winters at that home, chances are high that your grill has not been used for several months. Before the first of your summer parties, give the grill a thorough once-over for any issues such as rust, bugs, or pests that may have made it their home during the cooler months.

If you have a charcoal grill, make sure you empty any unburnt charcoal and ashes. If it has a gas burner, remove the flame tamers and ensure that the burners are not clogged. Deep clean the grates by soaking them overnight in a mixture of 2 parts of vinegar and one part of baking soda. Any remaining debris should be easy to rinse off with water and elbow grease. This is also an ideal time to replace any worn out grill tools that might need an upgrade.

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Interior Designers Orlando

Once you have organized the perfect outdoor party, do not forget to sit back and enjoy yourself. If you are unsure of how to go about the ideal décor for your outdoor space, you can always engage a professional who specializes in luxury interior design. By utilizing the skills and experience of a professional interior designer, you can focus on the main aspects of your party without stressing about the initial outdoor setup.